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Personal Taxes

Private Conversations discussing life events find tax savings and lead to  Honest  & Accurate  tax returns.

We pride ourselves on a relaxed relationship where you can feel comfortable sharing all your life events in order to find the best refund or the lowest balance due.

Everyone should understand all aspects of their finances.

We break down and explain tax laws taking the mystery out of taxes.

Only through understanding your tax situation, can we plan for future tax savings together!

Business Taxes

Different types of businesses have unique needs.  Taking the time to understand your business is the only way we can help you plan for tax savings.

In order to follow the IRS requirements of your type of business, you need to understand them.  We will explain those requirements in easy to understand terms.

Evaluating your businesses finances should not be a once a year event. Clients have available a Complementary Review of their business during the year in order to help them make sound tax friendly decisions.

Trusts & Estates

Being appointed an estate representative or Trustee is, many times, a once in a lifetime event.

Often it follows an emotional loss of a loved one.

More than ever you need help understanding your tax obligations and the tax obligations of the other beneficiaries that you are helping though their inheritance.

You need these obligations and the process explained to you in simple terms.

Here you will find a connection with someone who understands the tax laws for trusts & estates.


Bookkeeping and Tax Planning

Keeping records as the year goes on ( instead of once a year) will insure that you are accounting for all your income and your tax saving deductions.

Having someone else tend to your bookkeeping frees you up to do what you do best..

Run your business.

Naples Taxes utilizes the Profit First method of cash management. Our team is trained and certified by the Profit First Professionals organization to guide business owners and entrepreneurs in maximizing their profits.

Click here to access the first two chapters of the award winning book Profit First




A Different Approach

Our Goal is to eliminate stress generated from thinking about all types of taxes and bookkeeping.

Taxes are simply another aspect of your financial life.

Your finances should not be a mystery.

When you understand your taxes,  financial surprises can be eliminated and Tax Stress goes away!



Unique Solutions

When unique events happen it is comforting to have someone to reach out to and help prepare for a possible tax event.

We are there for you all year by phone or in person.

The unknown is scary – Preparing for possible events eliminates the unknown!

Conversations and Consultations are always our pleasure.



Quality Over Quantity

Each client deserves all of our attention.

You will have all the time you need to be sure your taxes and tax planning is complete and accurate.

As income and deductions are discussed we always have tax laws in mind.

One Person, One Positive Stress Free Experience At A Time!