Laura Sklow

                                    IRS AFSP certified

I was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey.

I am blessed that I have always loved and had passion for everything I have done in my professional life.

Everything you do in life should be done with passion!

I retired early from my career as a systems analyst where I designed, programmed and oversaw the implementation of large computer systems mostly in the Northeast. My clients required custom accounting and distribution systems.

In 2001, when I took some tax courses, the goal was to feel confident completing my own tax return each year.

I soon learned how rewarding it could be to help people through the tax process each year. I began taking the mystery out of a stressful time for people and I was hooked.

It is wonderfully rewarding to complete taxes and eliminate stress for people. I began working for a large firm. In the slow months, I taught various tax courses to other tax professionals developing a skill for breaking down difficult tax laws.

Soon I was explaining the most complicated tax returns including Trusts, Estates, and Business entities to my clients.

I look forward to meeting with executors who are thrust into the role of handling an estate or trust for a loved one who passes on.

I enjoy finding honest deductions on personal tax returns resulting in refunds or smaller tax liabilities for individuals. 

I have proven to small businesses the importance of timely bookkeeping in order to evaluate their business throughout the year. Only then can we apply strategic tax planning.

I am available year round to offer tax planning, bookkeeping and of course, to answer those pesky letters the IRS sends occasionally.

Conversations and Consultations are always my pleasure and free of charge.

I take pride in the level of service I offer my clients. Although sitting on the beach in retirement sounded like a good idea to me in 2001, helping clients with their tax situations has been much more rewarding.

In my free time, I love volunteering and working with homeless animals. I enjoy Traveling, Photography, Training, and Showing & spending time with Miss Brandy II of Naples (My Coton DeTulear).

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